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About Us

We operate at the intersection of human-centric issues and organisational growth challenges, helping companies thrive by addressing leadership burnout, conflict, lack of alignment, and team development. We also offer critical thinking partnerships to business leaders.

We do this because we believe that working in an environment with clarity, harmony, and alignment leads to not only happier humans but also improved business outcomes.

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Interpersonal Coaching

Interpersonal Coaching

We work with leaders who are experiencing challenges with unresponsive teams, difficult coleagues, departmental conflict, leadership style, colleague relationship breakdown and low staff engagement among other issues.

We are client led, non judgemental and non directive meaning we bring no adgenda, no prebuilt models and no expensive coaching programs. You work with us on your terms.

Bespoke Workshops

Bespoke Workshops

We create workshops that focus on relationships. We've helped organisations with inter/intra team communication, creating a feedback culture and improving client relationships by embracing difficult conversations.

Every workshop is built from scratch in order to meet your goals. We aim to provide highly interactive, thought provoking experiences that focus on shifting behaviour.


What Clients Say?

Endoresement from Amy Dacres-Dixon; Associate at D2E International

My Coach was also able to challenge situations that I had come to accept as ‘just the way things are' and help look for alternative strategies and methods which is very helpful when working in an established organisation.

Amy Dacres-Dixon Associate at D2E International
Endorsement from Sam Shemtob; Director at Name PR

We quickly got to the nub of a complex issue and helped me understand it from a different perspective. We then worked together to frame a solution, which set me on the right path to fixing it, and I've not looked back since. All in a couple of hours!

Sam Shemtob Director Name PR
Endoresement from Maria-Vittoria Telo; Founder of Queen's English Language School

I needed a 'personal trainer', not somebody to help me run my business, (something I have managed well for over 20 years). The Coach's calm and relaxed way encouraged me to be open and work on what I saw as an obstacle to the growth of my business and the ways to overcome it.

Maria-Vittoria Telo Founder of Queen's English Language School
Endoresement from Andrei Ceteras; Founder at MedUKCare

My Coach was able to ask the right questions and challenge me to stop, think and reflect on what I am doing and how/why I do it. I would highly recommend People Inside; they help you raise your mental game and be productive in these challenging times.

Andrei Ceteras Founder at MedUKCare
Endoresement from Jon Kendal; Director at Atereo

I found my Coach to be very supportive but at the same time he questioned and challenged my thinking and really helped me to focus in on the changes that we needed to make to our strategy and approach.

Jon Kendal Director at Atereo
Endoresement from Hillary Tidy; Program Director at The Times

People Inside use a human-centric approach to help teams find the ideal for them.  You don't even realise they're doing it until one day you wake up with a team of proactive, empowered and eager to learn individuals who feel comfortable challenging and championing one another.

Hillary Tidy Program Director at The Times
Endoresement from Isher Bahrah; Development Lead at Sky

With everything that we discussed, I felt like I was talking to a mirror. I felt no judgement or disappointment, but instead a better version of myself opening a door to a different perspective and that how I felt about something was OK.

Isher Bamrah Development Lead at Sky
Endoresement from Samer Naqvi; Senior Consultant at Global Logic

Those bi-weekly coaching sessions have helped me immensely grow as a team member and also learn how to tackle difficult situations.

Samer Naqvi Senior Consultant at Global Logic